Online Gambling: The Things You Have To Watch Out For Whenever You Gamble Online

For well over a thousand years, maybe more, people have been testing their luck at various games of chance, or gambling. For example In ancient Rome, the locals bet on many sporting events…such as the most unbelievable sporting event EVER…the gladiator fights that took place in the Coliseum. In those days, events like that were some of the best gambling spectacles, and in most cases were for the sole entertainment of the Kings and/or Queens of Europe during the middle ages. Royalty were known to be very serious gamblers, and actually set the tone for that kind of event… In fact, there are many books that cover the subject telling the story that many of the Kings and/or Queens were seriously addicted to gambling, and that many nearly bankrupted their own countries due to their addiction เว็บพนันออนไลน์.

Today, you find that gambling still exists and is growing in the number of outlets available, and newest of course is online gambling. Due to the ease of betting systems online, it has become a very popular way of testing one’s luck.

Online gambling is becoming an extremely popular way to place your bet, and in so many different ways. There are sports betting sites, luck betting sites, horse betting sites, football betting sites, and also quite a few that touch on the lottery, not to mention some full online gambling casinos. To begin your gambling online experience, you will need a computer with a very fast internet connection, your favorite credit card, and at that point you should be ready to start placing your bets. But there is one other very important item to add to that list; some training and schooling.

There are quite a few items that you need to be aware of whenever you engage in online gambling. First, keep in mind that not all online gambling sites are legal or legitimate. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. There are going to be people out there that will, and I mean on purpose, try to steal your money! Do your homework to make sure, to the best of your ability, who you are betting with. If you fall into one of these scam sites, you can be assured that all they want is your credit card information. Imagine how bad that could be?

When entering credit card #, and other sensitive info, you want to always look for the HTTPS: in the browser address window…this will tell you that you are on a secure site. A secure site is one where the merchant actually cares about their relationship with their customer, and more than likely not trying to steal you blind. Just do your homework and deal with a merchant that has these protective measures in place for both them, and you.

This is a huge tip…before joining any online gambling website…be absolutely positive that you have the BEST virus and malware programs installed! We have our favorite virus program installed in our computer, and it has saved our hard drives more than once. Don’t make the mistake of installing any betting system software without FIRST protecting your computer with a top virus protection software.

We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that gambling, whether you do it live or with a computer, can become addictive. Gambling has driven many people into debt, so deep, that they never recover. If you approach gambling as a form of entertainment, you should be just fine. We suggest that you shouldn’t ever place a goal on the number of dollars that you want to win; instead, place a limit on the number of dollars that you are willing to lose. Hit that lower goal, and walk away to play another day!

When you do win a few bucks, YIPPEE! Sock it away in your pocket and step away…again to play another day!

Keeping these tips in mind should make sure that you can enjoy your online gambling experience, and make it last for a long time; and keep you from becoming addicted to any of the betting systems out there. If you take anything from this review, I hope that you learn to do more research on your own…and from my perspective, only deal with a seller that has a money back guarantee. And speaking of money – be sure that you are buying from a site that uses PayPal or at least one of the large well known online processors. That way if you do have a problem, you will have somebody in authority that will be able to help you get your money back: should you chose to go that route.


Sports Betting Champ, John Morrison Sports Betting Product Review!

Sportsbetting Champ, John Morrison is well known for his 97% win rate NBA/MLB sports betting system. But, the sportsbetting Champ has brought us additional valuable products. A conscientious of picks called The Sports Select Buffet, and a regular picks package calledThe Champs Selections. In the following guide, I will offer a little background on the sportsbetting Champ, John Morrison, and review a number of his products.

Firstly, sportsbetting Champ, John Morrison, is now a world renowned sports handicapper, and skilled gambler. In his 28 decades, in the gaming world, he is yet to get a losing season. That is exactly why he’s got the name of Sports Betting Champ.

John had great success as a FIFA55 student, in the areas of mathematics and statistics. He would eventually bring in his PhD, in Statistics, from Cornell University.

Sportsbetting Champ, John Morrison, then went onto create his living, combining both his passion for numbers and sports, in the sphere of professional gaming. John is well sought after, from people all over the globe, for his gambling advice.

Sports Betting Champ, John Morrison, also spent almost a long time, moving within the sporting database, trying to discover a system which would predict winning consequences, together with the greatest consistency. In NBA basketball gambling, in the years between 2003 and 2009 the sportsbetting Champ travelled a reported 363 wins – 8 losses, in every years combined. And, in MLB baseball gambling in the years between 2004 and 2009 John Morrison went a reported 243 wins – 1 loss, in all years combined!

It is possible to view that sports-betting Champ, John Morrison is really on to something!

Product Critiques

1. The World’s Unbeatable sportsbetting System- that is the where people normally ask if this really is just a sportsbetting Champ scam. A 97% win rate approach? However, the 97% win rate is really on bets made, not on matches played. True this system is the one which is best utilized by a person who has a deposit to back up them. But, it is surprisingly simple to make use of.

The device determines certain low hazard stakes, which is predicted well ahead of time. That translates into only gambling about 40 percent of the full time. Approximately, 120 matches out of the season between the two seasons. It employs a type of martingale wagering, put on a three match series. Primarily based on the premise that the crew bet is guaranteed to win one out of 3 matches. Once your team wins you in the collection, your finished gambling that show. This system also comes with a 67% win speed NFL system, and also life of free selections, really worth the $197 price tag!

2. John Morrison Sports Buffet- The Sports Pick Buffet is a great value. This product is a bit of opinion out of over 500 top handicappers, included to some written report and delivered to your inbox everyday. The report is composed by sportsbetting Champ, John Morrison, himself. The report would look something like this:

Compilation of sports selections from expert handicappers for May 29th, 2010

MLB Games

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Atlanta Braves

Inch handicapper picked Pittsburgh to win the match (Hawk Eye Sports)

5 handicappers chose Atlanta to acquire the sport (Robert Ferringo, Gamblers Data, The Shark, Kelso Sports Handicapping, Doctor Baseball)

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Florida Marlins

11 handicappers picked Florida to win the game (Info Plays, Dave Cokin, Tommy Gold, Dimension Sports, The Baseball Handicapper, Hotlines, Chuck O’Brien, Lenny Del Genio, Mike Hook, Sportsbook Guru, Benjamin Lee Eckstein)

Houston Astros vs. Cincinnati Reds

Inch handicapper chose Houston to win the sport (Sportsbetting Professor)

1-1 handicappers chose Cincinnati to win the game (Carlo Campanella, Doc’s Sports, Robert Ferringo, Moneylineking, Tommy Gold, Nolan Fernandez, Sports Wagers, Silver Key Pick, Kelso Sports Handicapping, Dr Baseball, Tom Law Long Ball Sports)

St Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs

5 handicappers chose St Louis to win the sport (Dave Cokin, Chris Jordan, Super-sports Group, Sports Wagers, Kelso Sports Handicapping)

8 handicappers chose the Chicago Cubs to win the game (Sac Lawson, Tom Freese, Dunkel, Tv Hotline, Ben Burns, Igz1 Sports, Ny Players Club, Rudy Nyc Sports)

New York Mets vs. Milwaukee Brewers

4 handicappers chose the NY Mets to win the match (Tommy Gold, Hammerthebook, Sports Book Guru, Seabass)

6 handicappers picked Milwaukee to win the sport (Dave Price, Robert Ferringo, Fast-track Sports, Ben Burns, Sports Brokers, Vegas Runner)

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies

1 3 handicappers picked the LA Dodgers to win the sport (Rocky Atkinson, Derek Mancini, MJP Sports, Dimension Sports, Hondo, Richie Parker, Dave Eckstein, National Sports Service, Al Demarco, Super Sports Group, Sports Wagers, Kiki Sports, Fantasy Sports Gametime)

4 handicappers picked Colorado to acquire the match (John Martin, Bobby Maxwell, Robert Ferringo, Tom Law Longball Sports)

4 handicappers chose Arizona to win the sport (Number 1 Sports, Profit-On-The-Net, Super Sports Group, Kiki Sports)

4 handicappers picked Texas to win the game (Jr Odonnell, Dan Bebe, MJP Sports, Karl Garrett)

1-3 handicappers chose Minnesota to win the sport (David Chan, Cappers accessibility, Robert Ferringo, Easymoney Sports, Tommy Gold, Dozo Games Handicapping, Insider Sports Report, Super-sports Group, B&S Picks, Executive, Teddy Covers, Tom Law Long-ball Sports, Ats Baseball Lock Club)

Seattle Mariners vs. LA Angels

2 handicappers chose Seattle to win the sport (MJP Sports, Boston Blackie)

3 handicappers picked the LA Angels to win the sport (Actual Lock, Platinum Plays, LPW Sportsforecast)

4 handicappers picked Tampa Bay to win the game (Jimmy Boyd, Computer Sports, Dimension Sports, Wagerglobe)

Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

6 handicappers picked Oakland to win the sport (Marc Lawrence, Lee Kostroski, MJP Sports, Papayagang, Insider Sports Report, Super-sports Group)

14 handicappers chose Detroit to win the sport (Gill Alexander, Jeff Alexander, Robert Ferringo, Hawk Eye Sports, Tommy Gold, Baseball Crusher, The Shark, JSM Sports, Executive, Sportsbook Guru, Teddy Covers, Tom Law Long Ball Sports, Dozo Games Handicapping, Greg Shaker)

2 handicappers picked Kansas City to acquire the match (MJP Sports, Greg Shaker)

20 handicappers chose Boston to win the game (Tony George, Jack Jones, Robert Ferringo, Arthur Ralph Sports, Mike Wynn, Derek Mancini, Dave Cokin, Chris Jordan, National Sports Service, Jr Odonnell, The Shark, Igz1 Sports, Rocketman, Jsm Sports, Hammerthebook, Benjamin Lee Eckstein, Seabass, Ats Baseball Lock Club, Dozo Games Handicapping, Stan Sharp)

NBA Games

There are no NBA games played now.

Summary of the recommended bets to make for May 29th, 2010 based on the sport handicappers’ consensus:

“Ultimate Bet” of the day:

[MLB] Many sports handicappers lean toward the Boston Red Sox to win the match at a 20:2 ratio!

(Notice: that this wager was eventually WON)

“Best Bets” of the Afternoon:

[MLB] Most sports handicappers lean in the Cincinnati Reds to secure the match at a 11:1 ratio.

(Note: this wager was eventually WON)

[MLB] Most sport handicappers lean supporting the Detroit Tigers to get the game at a 14:6 ratio.

(Notice: that this bet was finally LOST)

[MLB] Most sports handicappers lean supporting the Minnesota Twins to win the game at a 13:4 ratio.

(Notice: that this bet was finally WON)

Since you can easily see this is just a very powerful tool. And, the worth, sports-betting Champ, John Morrison is making available. You can easily spent $1,000 annually on betting information out of 1 handicapper. Even the John Morrison Sports Buffet enables you use of this information of 500 handicappers for the price of one, the information is already data mined, and made equal to you everyday. Thats close to $500,000 annually in gaming information from this Sports Betting Champ product. This ceremony is well worth the $125 per month, that’s $3.25 a day. You can begin with a 10 day trial for an unbelievable $5 trial fee.

3. John Morrison Sports Picks- The sportsbetting Champ has put together three different daily selections, College and NBA Basketball sports bet bundles, College and NFL Football sports bet packages, and year round horseracing tip packages. The Champs Selections come in three distinct subscriptions, two-week, one month, and also complete year deals. These are exactly the exact same plays with the Sports Betting Champ uses himself. The picks are delivered into your in box first, leaving plenty of time for to your favorite sports book. The prices vary.